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  CBD Hemp Tea

from Cannadorra.com

  • grown in Czech Republic
  • handpicked with love
  • contains healing cannabinoids (CBD)
  • doesn´t contain psychoactive THC

CBD Hemp tea:


    Healthy sleep

    Tea served 1 hour prior to sleep significantly improves the quality of your sleep. It helps to induce the relaxing state and also sleep. Relaxed body regenerates and rests better during sleep. 


    Strenghtens Immunity

    Main benefit of hemp on human body is its relaxing effect of the nervous system. The main reason for any immunity disorders is stress, which can be reduced by drinking of the hemp tea and body regenerates its immunity naturally.



    Contained substances have the ability to calm down the whole nervous system. Cannabinoids influence brain directly and have important neurological effects. They also have a great effect on multiple sclerosis, releave from cramps and ease the epilepsy seizures. Generally is hemp considered to be a natural antidepressant.


    Helps digestion and increases appetite

    Cannabinoids contained in tea releave from cramps of abdominal muscles and eliminate nausea and heaving. Slightly bitter taste of tea increases appetite. The effects of hemp tea are used for acute cases as well as for chronical intestinal illnesses, such as Crohn´s disease and ulcerative colitis.

  • Hot tea – pour hot water over, steep for 5 minutes
  • Cold tea – just add ice and lemon
  • As spice and as an ingredience for hemp butter

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  • ondrej

    Sometimes, I cannot sleep after my evening work-out. At this moment I am intuitively reaching after hemp tea. I know, I will definitely fall asleep after drinking it and moreover I will sleep better than usually what helps me to regenerate my body.

    Ondřej 32 years | Prague

  • testimonial1

    I was given hemp tea by my grandchild for Christmas.  I use it before going to sleep and it helps me to fall asleep. My pain of knee after surgery has also reduced and and I could stop taking my usual dose of ibuprofein. My stomach has improved too. I recommend it to everybody.

    Marie 68 years | Krakow

  • testimonial1-2

    After regular drinking of hemp tea I quit using my menopause pills. Menopausal flushing, nervousness disappeared and I can finally get some sleep as never before. I feel relaxed and balanced

    Dagmar 52 years | Bratislava

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Hemp as Natural Medicine

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